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A book on how Britain took one boy and piles of treasures from Ethiopia

Hide and silver shield with plaque

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What: Magdala Shield decorated (later?) in silver, taken by a private of the 33rd regiment

Where: Unknown

Pictured on page 29 of the catalogue ‘Wars, Art, Racism & Slavery‘, published in 2009 by the collector and dealer Michael Graham-Stewart.

AbeBooks describes ‘Wars, Art, Racism & Slavery‘ as ‘A catalogue of Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection which was purchased by the National Maritime Museum [National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London] in 2002, having been assembled by Graham-Stewart over a period of 14 years.” But there is no mention of the shield in the Greenwich museums’ online database.

Two photos – one of the shield and the other of a silver plaque hanging underneath it – are on sale at Bridgeman images. The website says the shield is in a private collection, without going into more details.

The plaque reads: Shield of Native Chief taken at Magdala by a private of the 33rd regiment and presented by Captain Trent of the 33rd to Robert C. Clarke July 1868″.

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