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Bridle, saddle & stirrups *

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What: Abyssinian bridle with bit, and saddle with stirrups


Where: The Royal Engineers Museum, Prince Arthur Rd, Gillingham ME7 1UR

The catalogue entry reads: “Abyssinian bridle with bit, and saddle with stirrups, mementos of Lord Napier’s campaign there. The saddle is made of wood, covered in skin. The seat has a triangular post at the front, topped with a hemi-spherical hand support. The back is formed with a reclining back plate and the kin has been decorated with a repeated circular pattern. There are oven strips of leather, both in the back plates and the pommel. On either side are leather straps and buckles which fit around the horse’s body. The hole is made of contrasting light and dark leather.”

Object number: 1203.1.5
Length: 440 mm
Width: 380 mm
Height: 390 mm

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