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Leather necklace with glass beads

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What: A necklace of leather, silver and glass bound with silver wire, and ornamented with glass beads, bought from Major Holland

Where: The Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL

The catalogue entry reads: “Necklace. Twisted leather bound with silver wire, and ornamented with glass? Beads; worn by the Galla women. Abyssinian. Price £10.0.0. Purchased from Major Holland. Date of receipt from stores 26th April 1869…

“The vendor may have been Major Trevenen James Holland who, with a military colleague, Sir Henry Montague Hozier, provided the only official account of the expedition on the orders of the Secretary of State for War. Their Record of the Expedition to Abyssinia was published in two volumes in 1870.”

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