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Processional cross

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What: Processional cross

Where: Lancaster Priory, Priory Close, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ

One of four processional crosses taken from Magdala by The King’s Own Royal Regiment. They were put on display in The King’s Own Regimental Memorial Chapel in Lancaster Priory.

According to this archived page on the chapel’s website which has a picture of two of the crosses:

“In Abyssinia [now Ethiopia] in 1868 the Regiment recovered four Coptic Crosses from a heap of scrap brass awaiting recycling into guns at an arsenal at Magdala. The crosses probably date from the 4th or 5th century.

“The largest of these is used as a processional cross. The only [known] other one used for this purpose is in Westminster Abbey. Two smaller crosses are on display in this Chapel.

“Illustrations on the crosses are simple engravings of Gospel stories, including the Nativity, Crucifixion, the Deposition and Resurrection.”

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