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A book on how Britain took one boy and piles of treasures from Ethiopia

Shield with silver mounts

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What: Hide shield with silver mounts, engraved: “N. H. Stewart Dragoon Guards Magdala April 13 1868”

Where: Unknown

Pictured on page 27 of the catalogue ‘Wars, Art, Racism & Slavery‘, published in 2009 by the collector and dealer Michael Graham-Stewart.

AbeBooks describes ‘Wars, Art, Racism & Slavery‘ as ‘A catalogue of Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection which was purchased by the National Maritime Museum [National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London] in 2002, having been assembled by Graham-Stewart over a period of 14 years.” But there is no mention of the shield in the Greenwich museums’ online database.

Images of the shield and the central engraving are also on sale at Bridgeman Images.

A disc around the centre of the shield is engraved: “N. H. Stewart Dragoon Guards Magdala April 13 1868”.

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