The Prince and the Plunder

A book on how Britain took one boy and piles of treasures from Ethiopia

SOAS manuscripts

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MS 380734

‘Chronicle of Ethiopia’

Ge’ez (Ethiopic) manuscript. The ms. begins ‘Laws and statutes of the Kingdom brought from Jerusalem by Ebna Hakim or Menyelek, son of Solomon’, which is the opening chapter of ‘Chronicles of Ethiopia’ compiled AD 1784 by order of Dajarmach Hailu…

18th century

MS 380735

‘Commentary on the Gospel of Saint Matthew’

Ge’ez (Ethiopic) manuscript. Commentators Cyril Patriach of Alexandria and Petros Abuna. Scribe Walda Sinoda. The manuscript is in vellum, with tooled leather binding, and is part of the Catena Patrum, a commentary on the four Gospels.


MS 41383

A composite manuscript in Ge’ez (Ethiopic) in several hands, including a variety of religious…

A collection of texts (prayers, liturgies, John’s Revelation, Isaiah, Matthew), including the Ethiopian calendar, known as Book of Abu Shaker, originally written in Arabic by a 13th century Coptic deacon. It preserves much otherwise unknown…

17th century

MS 44494

Ge’ez (Ethiopic) Psalter with folios from the Mazmura Dawit [Book of Psalms] and Waddase Maryam…

In Ethiopic manuscripts the Psalter and extracts from the Old and New Testaments are generally found together. This mansucript includes the Psalms of David (Mazmura Dawit) and the Praises of Mary (Waddase Maryam) which are learned and memorised in…

? 19th century

Order with this Reference PP MS 32, Sir Thomas Walker Arnold, Box 5
Ref No PP MS 32/04/02
Title Manuscript notes on Abyssinia, Russia, Africa and Morocco etc.
Date(s) of Creation 1867
Level of Description File
File Number 21
Held at: SOAS University of London
Description Note Book
Access Status Open
Language(s) of Material English

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